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Faces-of-God-Sculptures Inspired by Tyree Guyton

Kelli Sacher | 27 September, 2021

            Children's art class for artists ages 4-6. Artist were introduced to the life and work of Neo-Expressionist, Tyree Guyton.

Neo-Expressionist, Tyree Guyton, was born and raised on the east side of a forgotten neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. His life's work has been an environmental-experience-project that he began with his grandfather in his own neighborhood, after going to college, serving in the United States Army, and beginning a career in business. 

The project is known worldwide as the Heidelberg Project (https://www.heidelberg.org/)  and is visited each year by thousands of people from all over the world. It began as a way to save his home, and neighborhood from being demolished and rebuilt by the city of Detroit. Guyton, and eventually many of his neighbors began repurposing trash and recycled materials to decorate their homes, yards and sidewalks. Below are a couple of teacher samples I made to inspire my Mini Makers. Can you guess the original purpose of the materials used?

I read the book, "Magic Trash: A Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art " by J. H. Shapiro, to my youngest group, the Mini Makers, to introduce them to Tyree Guyton. They were amazed that this remarkable story was TRUE! 

Some of the symbols Guyton paints repeatedly are his Faces of God. We decided to use that symbol and our own recycled materials to create our Faces-of-God sculptures. And as you can see in the expressions of these artists, everyone was please with their work! 

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