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Fashion Camp During Covid-19

Kelli Sacher | 03 January, 2021

            Fashion Camp During Covid-19

In summers past, Fashion Camp at Art House 103 had been a hit, and usually sold out within the week that I announced the dates. But in 2020, Covid-19 was everywhere, which made working in my home studio impossible with young children. The virus had forced my classes online in the spring, and things were not improving or looking very positive to continue business as usual in the summer months.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I needed a new action plan for my most popular camp, and to be honest, I only had enough energy and creative spirit for one that summer, since at the time, I had been pivoting and reinventing myself for several months prior due to that miserable virus.

My plan consisted of a combination of my new-found Zoom skills, one or two awkward how-to videos made by yours truly, and a smattering of beautiful materials and supplies in one big kit. I envisioned three days of camp. We would meet online each morning and I would walk them through the projects that I had planned for the day. Then I would make myself available for questions in the afternoon. What I didn't foresee was that different families would have very different schedules over the summer months now that everything had gone topsy turvy. Ultimately, I met with several small groups of artists over the course of the summer, at their convenience. Some children needed multiple Zoom meetings with me, and others only saw me on three consecutive mornings with no additional face-time. But you know what? IT WAS FUN! We laughed a lot. I enjoyed every bit of it. I relished being able to answer specific questions and provide personalized attention to each artist. In many ways I think I got to know the children even better than I do sometimes in my traditional classes. 

One student sent me a picture of the shirt that she created from the kit. The shirt was adorable, but one look at that smile and I knew I had done something good for a least one child during the pandemic. Really, that was all I needed to consider that camp a success. And with all the positive feedback I received about the kit, I made extra to sell in my shop.

I am only beginning to plan for camps in 2021. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to be among the first to know all the details and register once they are finalized!

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