103 Westgate Road, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

Art House Lab is an after-school art club in Wellesley, MA.


Currently, we offer arts + crafts classes in my home art studio for students in Kindergarten–8th grade. We enjoy a variety of art making techniques and love immersing ourselves in fun, messy experimentation with a vast array of materials. But we also create work that is grounded in art principles, history, and/or the work of other artists. We practice good craftsmanship and create meaningful art within our multi-age group setting. Hands-on mixed-media projects may include any combination of drawing, painting, collage, fiber arts, printmaking, clay, 3D sculpture, assemblage, and up-cycled art. Right now we're gearing up for Summer 2022. To receive information about classes, special workshops and camps, please click the link below and add yourself to our mailing list. 



about me...

My name is Kelli, (pictured here with my family). Art-making and working with children are two of my most favorite things! I have been creative and have loved drawing for as long as I can remember. My childhood was filled with hours of drawing and make believe. In 2nd grade I began private art lessons, at the suggestion of my teacher, and continued them every Saturday into middle school. In college, I took as many fine art classes as I could while completing my BA in Graphic Design, and a MS in Marketing. However, the last two decades have seen drastic changes in the field of graphic arts; those changes made me realize that I would rather work with my hands, not tied to a computer. For more than 8 years I volunteered my time educating grades K-12 in the galleries at the MFA in Boston. Teaching children to think and see like artists is inspiring. Watching my own two children grow and learn has made me realize how transforming one little spark of inspiration can be to a child's perspective—about their abilities, and about themselves. That little spark is magic!  

I believe that if we raise the bar on our children's education and experiences, they will meet our expectations every time. That being said, our kids today are over-scheduled and stressed. It is my hope that Art House Lab will serve as a comfortable, happy environment (whether in person or online) where kids can use their down time to experiment with rich, engaging materials, while using their instincts to make choices without the added pressure of making it perfect.